Be well – may all sentient beings be well…

June 10, 2006

Thank you for your





and everything you do for E-Sangha.

May you have:

limitless love

limitless joy





limitless joy

limitless love





limitless compassion

limitless equanimity





limitless equanimity

limitless compassion










Your friends.


9 Responses to “Be well – may all sentient beings be well…”

  1. Happy Birthday, Namdrol-la.

    May all your days be filled with joy and peace.

    Regards & Metta

  2. aaron Says:

    I wish you a very happy birthday!


  3. Leo Says:

    Happy Birthday Malcolm! 🙂

    Have fun and be happy.


  4. fanglong Says:

    Happy birthday Namdrol-la !

    Sorry I have not enough time to take more part in the conversations… About Suzuki’s “Lankavatarasutra” you were absolutely right : a whole heap of variegated mistakes. My French translation of Shikshananda’s Chinese is being printed right now (for Fayard). I’m also preparing a very short Huayan commentary by Fazang. I also enjoyed an old conversation you had w/ Maizuru about “avijnapti”.
    Thank you for your kind advices, be happy !
    “Meet you soon” !
    Fanglong Patrick Carré

  5. Dorje Shedrub Says:

    May the Protectors always be near you
    and Manjushri clear away any obstacle before you.

    Smoke rises, rain falls
    Lightening flash
    Lotus feet


    And have a jolly good birthday!


  6. Silentrun71 Says:

    I couldnt think of anything cool to say..
    Just I thank you for all the lessons and sharing your awesome knowledge with us all.

    Cheers Malcom!

    happy birthday.

  7. Plamen Says:

    Good health and long life for the benefit of all living beings! Very Happy Birthday, Malcolm!

  8. Chhamchig Says:

    Oho! I just opened the box today and i found this message.

    May be i am late: still then wish you, loponla , may happy returns of the day. May your guidance in the forum continue like the waxing moon; and may benefits accrue to all new learners like me.


  9. Yes, the trainers were great. Very entertaining but were they sexy – let’s take a vote.nWe say YES! Click

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